Stavros Anastasiou: Bi-weekly Reflection #2

Recently I published what can be considered my most important article for The Knight News yet: Aftermath of Greece Wildfires Devastate the Country and Diaspora

Writing about the disaster was something I planned on covering since early August, monitoring any developments while also watching how Greek Americans reacted to the events. Knowing that Queens College has a prominent Greek community, I knew that the article would resonate with many whose lives were deeply impacted by the fires. When I reached out to professor Nicholas Alexiou, he was very receptive about my initiative and was easily able to give me a quote. Overall, I was glad that I was able to raise awareness and shine a spotlight on the effort that was being done to help the victims.

Another reason why I consider the article to be important is because editing it gave me the opportunity to familiarize myself with restructuring content and creating a story that is relevant, timely, and significant. As Jason mentioned, the original draft focused too much on events that happened over a month ago, and that it would have been better to emphasize the aftermath and its effect on the Queens College community. Listening to his advice, I developed 2 more drafts until it was finally published on the site. It was an invaluable learning experience, since I believe the article ended up being that much stronger.

Finally, the article also taught me the importance of making connections and important relations through the content that is covered. With my article on the Greece fires, I plan on sending it to a number of different departments to spread the word about The Knight News while also build bridges for future collaborations. While content writing is a medium that is very structured, it’s also fluid and active in the sense that it plays an active role in building community.

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